Black Horse Plague

by Trvth

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released April 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Trvth California

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Track Name: The Dent in the Pan
The counterparts conceived and gave birth to a son/the man who follows the steps of falling out/then another came but refused to follow the pressure/one was a bringer of the meek and the other a cultivator of the ground/the time came to offer up their hearts/favor was given to the lower one and the stronger was abhorred/a falling out for this young man began/even a warning could not stop the behest/the boiling in his heart overtook his restraints and plans to destroy was let loose/blood killing blood/the inception of mankind down to this day/you have been found out and you have been cursed to the ground for all the days of your life/ away from my face you have gone/ a fugitive, lusting for life/its not to say that life cannot spring from death/ and henceforth life will continue to blossom, only to eventually face the hands of death/sons and daughters as time goes on/with birth pains there arouse individuals who began reaching towards the sky/
Track Name: Prospect
When you are closer to perfection your abilities and vitality are greater/hence the lengthy span of years/certain ones of greater might may sprout during the decline of consciousness/during this intermission of rays that are closest to the sun, a ray that was more precious in character than the rest was arising/his father uttered words of hope/this one will bring us comfort from our work and from the pain of our hands/resulting from the ground with which the founder accursed/
Track Name: Red Sky in the Morning
Open your perception/Realms exist/what you see with your eyes is only the beginning/what you don't see is the end/there is another lineage/dependants of the sun/
dependants of the very source of energy/dependants of free will/who are greater in power than you/dependants who can affect/
who have been watching you/you are not alone/they began to notice the things that were most prescious to you and did not hesitate to follow their desires/
carrying out as these wished/this was not there purpose/these things should have never been/the being of all could not help in taking notice/intervention is on my mind/
i have seen the discrepancies of life/the restrictions laid upon would have been/as if growing had come to cease/crossbreeds have came about/unnatural/
relentless/chest and heads always in confidence/the men of fame/noticings of destruction/noticings of what your heart truly says/
this is what I would have never wanted/my innards grieve with pain/this growing disease of cessation must be exterminated/from the least to the greatest/
because this regression has caused me to act/only that one over there/the one who is different/the one who is not like them/blameless/malfeasance/
omission in dereliction/grounds ruined in my eyes/terror/violence in all its abundance/flesh ruining dust/I'll call to this ruby amongts filth/
here me as I speak/the end of all flesh has come before me/they've desecrated my land/you will prepare this way/
a saving device to annul the neverending mist of assassination/the measurements are precise/windows to view/stories to reside/
3 stories to encapsulate/tears will pour into souls lungs/abolishing every living thing/this device you will take for shelter as my promise/
you and all that belongs to you and those whom say/beasts of the land/soaring creatures/you cant have one without the other/store your sustanance/
the propect adhered