Grief and Justice

by Trvth

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released November 18, 2016

Album Artwork by Andre Block



all rights reserved


Trvth California

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Track Name: In Despair
Please hear my words
My cries to you for help
Do not hide your face from me, in my time of distress
Turn your ears to me
Answer me quickly when i call
My days are vanishing like smoke
My bones are charred in a fireplace
My hearts been stuck like grass
My soul has withered
I forget to eat my food because of my loud groaning
My bones cling to my flesh
I resemble a pelican of the wilderness
An owl among the ruins
I am emaciated like a solitary bird on a roof
All day long my enemies taunt me
They use my name as a curse
I eat ashes as my bread
My drink is mingled with tears
Because of your displeasure you lift me up to cast me aside
My days are like a fading shadow
I am withering like grass

Remnants everlasting
The fame that endures for all generations
The time has come
There's pleasure in her stones
You have affection for her dust
You cannot despise the destitute
Souls must exist
Accolades with ardor
From the heights its seen
The foundations of the earth
Track Name: Companion of Darkness
My beloved by day I cry out
At night I'm in your presense
Please hear my words
Open your ears to my pleas
My soul is filled with destruction
My life hangs by the crevices of the grave
I'm in the book of those destined for dust
A being of helplessness
I'm left among the dead
Like inanimate corpses
Those whose long forgotten
Separated from all mercy
I'm in the lowest pit
The dark places of an endless abyss
Your rage weighs heavily on me
I'm overwhelmed by your crashing waves
My acquaintances have been driven from me

"I'm viewed as detestable
I'm trapped and I cannot escape
The affliction has caused my eyes to wear
I call out to you all day long
With arms stretched I'm yearning to touch your face
What good am I when I'm powerless
How can I say I love you when I'm gone
Can wonders be seen in darkness
And yet I still cry out to you
Every morning when I raise
Have you rejected me
Is your face hidden
Since I was born I've been filled with infirmity
I've always been ready to perish"

I'm numb from the terrible things that you allow me to suffer
Your burning anger overwhelms me
Your terror destroys me
Surrounds me like waters
They close in on me from all sides
You have driven my friends and companions far away from me
Darkness has become my companion
Track Name: Fears
Man born of woman is short lived and filled with trouble
He comes up like a blossom and withers away
He flees like a shadow and disappears
Decrees fixed with eyes upon them
What contaminations come from the untainted
The limits are set
I cannot go beyond them
If my days are decided
My months are in your hand
Can you turn away the beaming eyes that shine upon me
If this is my lot
Let me finish my work
Let me complete my day
Even a tree is more advantageous
If it's cut down it will sprout again
Its twigs will continue to grow

"If its roots grows old in the ground
And its stump dies in the soil
At the scent of water it will sprout
It will produce branches like a new plant
But when my day comes and I lie powerless
Where am I"

Water disappears from the sea
And a river drains away and dries up
Man also lies down and does not get up
Until the universe crumbles
They will not wake
Death conceal me
Hide my face until this anger passes away
Set a limit and remember me
If I die can I live again
I'm forced to wait in this duty until I'm alleviated
The growth of this tree will sprout
Reaching out to me and i will answer

"Until then my every step is counted
My every thought is weighed out
Sealed up in this endless abyss of memories
As a mountain falls and crumbles away
And a rock is dislodged from its place
As water wears away stones
And its waves tears at the soil
My hope is crushed, I'm overpowered until i die
In this flesh I feel only pain
I mourn constantly while I'm alive"
Track Name: Deject
They laugh at me
Men younger than I am
Whose fathers I would have refused
With dogs that guarded my flock
What use was the power of their hands
Their vigor has perished
They are worn out from want and hunger
They gnaw at the parched ground
That was ruined and desolated
They gather preserves from the bushes
Consuming the root of diseased trees
Exiled from their heritage
Ostracized like thiefs

Dwelling on creviced cliffs
In holes in the ground
From thickets they cry out
Intetwined amongst thorns
Sons of the senseless
cast far away
Mocking hymns
I've become an object of scorn

They detest me
Far away from me they stand
With spit they cover my face
The sun has disarmed me and made me low
There is no mercy in my presence
Barriers of destruction are in my path
There's no one to stop them
Did someone breach the wall
Terror overwhelms me
My dignity is driven away like the wind
My life recedes from me
Held by days of affliction
The gnawing pain never stops
The collar of my garment chokes me
Reduced to dust and ashes
I cry for help but there is no answer
All have turned against me
Tossed about in the storm
Have I not wept for others during hard times
Have I not grieved
I hoped for good but badness came
The churning did not stop
Days of affliction confronted me
There is no sunlight
Track Name: Torn
Is not the life of mortal souls like compulsory labor
His days like a hired worker
Like a slave he longs for the shadow
Like a worker he wait for his wages
I've been assigned months of futility
Nights of misery have been counted out for me
As the night drags on I toss restlessly
Until the dawning of the day
My flesh is covered with maggots and clods of dirt
My skin is full of scabs and pus
My days go by quickly as they come to an end without hope
My eye is wind
My eye will never see happiness
Your eyes will look for me but I will be gone
Like a cloud that fades and vanishes
My place will acknowledge me no more
I will not restrain my mouth
I will speak in the anguish of my spirit
I will complain in my bitter distress
Am I a monster that you should set a guard over me
My own bed has terrified me with dreams
I'm frightened with visions
Yes, I would chose suffocation, death, than the this body of mine
I loathe my life
I dont not want to go on living
Leave me alone
My days are like a breath
Track Name: Inside
If only my anguish
Could be weighed with scales
My calamity, like the sands of the sea

Arrows have pierced me
I drink its venom
Terror in my mind
Tasteless without salt

If you could hear my words
If you could feel my wants
Do I have the strength to keep on waiting

Is there any way to help myself
My own brothers have been treacherous
As a winter stream
Like waters that dry up

Darkened by ice
Melting snow is hidden

To their end
When it becomes hot
Into the desert they vanish

They are ashamed
Because of misplaced trust
The terror of my calamity
Frightens you

Instruct Me
And I will be silent
Help me understand
My mistakes
Honest Words are not painful
Are you scheming to reprove my words
A desperate man's sayings
Like wind blows away

You would cast lots over orphans
And sell your own friend
So now turn and look at me
Is my tongue speaking untruth
I would not lie to your face
Does my palate not discern that something is wrong
Track Name: Condemnation
How long will you keep irritating my soul
Crushing me with words
I've been completely rebuked
You are not ashamed to deal harshly
My errors remain with me
Exult yourself
You claim this reproach against me is justified
The sun has caught me in its hunting net
I keep crying for help but there is no justice
My path is blocked with a stone wall
I cannot pass by
My roadways are covered with darkness
My glory has been stripped
From all sides I am broken
My hope is uprooted like a tree

His anger burns against me
I'm viewed as his enemy
I'm besieged by this camp surrounding my tent

"Those who know me have turned away from me
I've been forgotten
I'm a stranger in my own house
I beg to them all for compassion
My leaves are loathsome to my soil
I am mulch to my kin
Despised by firstlings
Scorns overlap my reach
Execrated amongst the forest
Those whom I loved have turned against me"

My bones stick to my flesh
I escape with the husk of my roots
Show me mercy
Why am I persecuted relentlessly
If only my words were carved forever in the rock
I know my deliverance is alive
Track Name: My Feelings
Let the day perish on which I was born
Let that day be darkness
Let the sun not shine upon that place
Let it be reclaimed by the deepest gloom
Let a rain cloud settle over it
Let whatever darkens the day terrify it
Let it not rejoice among the days of a year
Let it not enter among the number of the months
Let that night become barren
Let no joyful cry be heard in it
Let a curse be put on it
Let the stars of its twilight grow dark
Let it wait in vain for daylight
Let it not see the rays of dawn
It did not close the dorrs of my mother's womb
It did not hide trouble from my eyes
Why did I not die at birth
Why did I not perish when I came from the womb
Why were there knees to receive me
And breasts to nurse me
For now I would be lying down undisturbed
I would be sleeping at rest with kings of the earth and their advisers
Who built for themselves places that are now in ruins
Or with princes who possessed gold
Whose houses were filled with silver
Why was I not like a hidden miscarriage
Like children who have never seen the light
There, men have ceased from agitation
There, the weary are at rest
They do not hear the voice of the one forcing them to work
Small and great are the same there
There, the slave is set free from his master
Why is light given to one who suffers
Why do they long for death but it does not come
Why is light given to a man who has lost his way
In place of my food comes my sighing
My groaning pours out like water
What I have dreaded has come upon me
Track Name: Accomplish
Wraped in Greatness
Majestic Clothing
The lights surrounds your crevices
Expanse in your hands like a cloth
Miniscule and basic
Elemental control
On wings of the wind
An army of sons
Exuding a consuming fire
Laying down a rock of eternity
It will not be moved from its place
Covered by deep waters of apparel
So high it stood above the mountains
At your rebuke they fled
From the sound of your thunder they ran away in panic
Mountains ascended
Valleys to the ground
To designated places
These boundaries cannot be passed
They will never cover the earth again
Springs rage into the valleys
Between the mountains
They flow providing water for the beasts of the field
Donkeys quench their thirst
Above them roost the birds of the sky
They sing among the thick foliage
The watering comes from the upper rooms
The earth becomes satisfied
Vegetation to sustain
This wine that brings joy to my heart
This oil that makes my face shine
This bread of sustenance
Juniper trees filled with storks
Mountain ridges filled with goats
Crags of refuge
The moon marks the appointed times
Track Name: Where I Must Go
I loathe my life
I vent my complaints
In my bitter distress I speak
Do not pronounce me guilty
Why are you contending with me
Does it benefit you to oppress
To despise the work of your hands
Do you have eyes of flesh
Are your days like mortals
No one can save me from your hand
Destroyed by the artist
Why did you bring me out from the womb
I should have died before any eye could see me
It would have been as though I never existed
Taken straight from the womb to the grave
My days are few, leave me alone
I will go away and not return
To lands of gloom
A land of shadow
Where light does not shine